Fixing Sneaky Bugs Feels Lot Better!

I was working on basic tree generation last few days which allowed me to discover a sneaky bug in block texturing. While applying textures for blocks, textures of all but top faces were applied correctly. Though as I was mostly using homogeneous textures for testing purposes (rock, sand, grass) it was really not possible to see the problem.

It was the non-homogeneous tree-top face texture that revelead it. So I dig deeper in texture-UV mapping code and it wasn’t really easy to spot the actual bug. I further decided to roll back my changes through git to see
the commit that introduced — to my surprise it was a really really sneaky, old bug which even existed in very first git commit (that I moved the project from bitbucket to github). As I had deleted the bitbucker project and didn’t have earlier history backed up, it wasn’t possible to track it back.

So there was nothing left but to verify all uv-mapping code. Few hours later I spotted it at last; wrong uv-mapping indexes were applied for Y-increasing faces!

There we go! I had just fixed a major sneaky bug that was lurking in git repository for a long while and it really really feels good to fix one!

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